Celebration Pipe

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100% Handmade in the USA (Maui, Hawaii)

Celebration Pipes (TM) have been around since 1973. With a 22k Gold bowl and Lava stoneware construction, you will be starting a celebration for years to come.

Celebration Pipes burn efficiently. The Gold plated bowl heats up quickly and evenly. It also cools super quick and nothing sticks to gold. Easy clean up, right? When taken care of properly, Celebration Pipes last a long long time.

Celebration Pipes are functional jewelry for the mind.  The artist's energies are directed to provide the smoker with the finest accessories possible.  Each lava stoneware pipe is individually sculpted, fired twice, then plated with precious metals and lusters.  A velvet bag is provided for safe keeping.  Avoid striking the pipe against ashtrays to maintain a brilliant finish.