Certain states have restrictions and/or extra taxes on smoking accessories.  Cloud Nine currently has shipping restrictions to the following states:
  • All smoking accessories - Arizona
  • Rolling papers - Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Rhode Island
  • Scented rolling papers - California

We try our best to acknowledge and follow these special restrictions, and will modify shipping as we learn about any changes.

Why is the website asking for my age when I try to view "Pipes and Papers"?

We have set age restrictions (minimum age of 21) to view and purchase smoking accessories.  We feel strongly that these products are only meant for adults.  Our site not only has the age verification question, but we also work with a third party company to confirm your age based on publicly available databases.  If your age cannot be verified, your order will not be processed until you provide additional age verification.  We are sorry for the additional work, but we would rather be safe than sorry.

I've been to your store in Moosup, CT and you have so much more stuff there than on your website.  What's the deal?

Our store is jam-packed with products and we have limited quantities on-hand for hundreds of items.  We're slowly adding these products to the website, and we're also in the process of adding a new inventory system in the store, so it's a process.  Come back often and see the new stuff we are adding every week!

I want to buy something that I saw in your store, but it's not on the website.  What do I do?

Send us a note using the "Contact Us" form on our site.  We'll be happy to pull an off-line order together for you and ship it or have it ready for you for easy store pick-up.