Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold - Trash to Stash

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Don't trash that trash - transform it!  Marijuana leaf and trim is often called trash.  It's too harsh to smoke, but contains THC, the ingredient that creates the high.  Using simple, safe techniques, you can make: Kief, Water Hash, Edibles, Tinctures and Vaporizers.  Trash to Stash offers some little-known ways to get more magic out of each and every plant. 

This book shares some highly efficient and successful methods for transforming leaf or trim, into THC treats, naturally. Rescue unused parts from the garbage safely with equipment from your own kitchen.

Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold is conversational in style, explaining each method in down-to-earth language that anyone can understand and follow. Photos clarify the step-by-step instructions, making each method practically foolproof. Plus a special 8-page full-color photo section features vivid examples of the processes and products discussed, giving the reader a point of comparison. Questions and comments from Ask Ed™ readers are interspersed throughout the book to supplement the text and offer insider tips.

This book quickly pays for itself in the money it saves anyone who uses its recycling recipes.

Author: Ed Rosenthal