Rich Creek Hand-Blown Glass Pipes - Spoons

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Beautiful hand-blown glass pipes by Arizona glass artist, Rich Creek.  Most pipes (except bats) are signed by the artist. 

Our customers LOVE these pipes and seek them out.  Once you've had a Rich Creek handpipe, you're not going to go back to mass-produced glass.  They are sturdy, and each one is truly one-of-a-kind.

See additional details below for more style info.

Small: appx 3.25-4.25"

Large: appx 4.5-5.5"

More to know about Rich Creek glass pipes:


Sherlock: Bowl sets flat and stem comes up, sorta like Sherlock Holmes's pipe

Spoon: Straight pipe, sort of like a spoon

Bent Spoon: Bent pipe, lip rests on the table, sort of like a bent spoon

Barbell Spoon: A spoon that sort of looks like it has a barbell at the mouthpiece

Bubble Spoon: A spoon with a bubble below the bowl

Corncob: I think you're getting the pattern here....

Bats: If you're not getting it by now, you probably shouldn't be smoking.


Each pipe is handblown, so the photos we share are representative of what Rich produces.  We may not have all colors/shapes/patterns in stock, but if you like a style or color, we are happy to message with you and send you pictures of the ones we have available. 

Some terms to know:

Color-PatternedColors and patterns are most pronounced on the outside of the glass.

Inside-Out (I/O): Color and patterns are concentrated on the inside and it's like you're looking through the clear glass outer-shell at the beauty within.

Color-changing: These are the clear whitish, yellowish pipes that you can see into.  As smoke goes through the pipe the pipe color changes appearance. You'll see purples and blues.  The colors get more pronounced the more you use it.  Don't worry though, when you clean it, it will go back to looking brandy-new again.  Within the color-changing style, there are 3 general "looks":

Twisty: A pronounced twisty style to the glass

Fumed: The glass looks like fumes have been blown into it

Frit: Speckled pattern within the glass

Other unique variations that Rich offers in his pipes include:

Standard or chiseled mouthpiece 

Bumps or no bumps on the bowl for comfort while holding