Gardening Indoors with H.I.D. Lights

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Gardening indoors with H.I.D. Lights is a "how-to" Book that unlocks the door to the world of gardening indoors under fluorescent & high intensity discharge (HID) lamps.

From the book: The benefits of artificial lighting are not exclusive to the professional gardener. Home hobbyists also reap the benefits of flexibility, control, & increased plant health. An otherwise unusable dark basement corner can be converted into a garden room with a small investment. In fact, you can set up an indoor garden area anywhere in your home provided that the air temperature remains Between 65 & 75°. artificial lights can be used to highlight an already flourishing plant collection, or to promote Growth in a new or struggling species.

This book is about artificial light. Topics include: general information about light & its relationship to plant health, various sources of light, including sunlight & artificial light, incandescent, tungsten halogen, & fluorescent bulbs, High intensity discharge (HID) lights & their horticultural applications. 200 pages

Authors: George F. Van Patten and Alyssa F. Bust