Jericho Flower

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Commonly referred to as a ‘resurrection plant, the Rose of Jericho (Selaginella lepidophylla) can revitalize itself after drying out into a small ball. What’s even cooler..the process only takes a few hours!!

After placing your dried Jericho into a shallow bowl of water, first it will slowly unfurl into a flat, flower-like shape. Within 24 hours, the plant’s green-coloring should start to return!!

The Rose of Jericho is viewed as a symbol of life & invigoration. In Hoodoo traditions, it’s said that a Jericho flower will bring you prosperity if five coins are added to the water it unfurls in. The plant then must sit & revitalize for a few days, letting the water charge. The water, now infused with the essence of the Jericho & your manifestation, can be brushed along windows & doors. This allows good fortune, prosperity, and positive energy to flow into practitioner’s homes.

If not only for their story & spiritual qualities, the Rose of Jericho makes a fantastic gift for any plant lover, spiritual practitioner, or even someone who’d just like something interesting to watch!

These plants are incredibly easy to take care of. Simply allow the Jericho to dry out one time per month to avoid bacterial issues, and switch out the water whenever you remember (or 1x per week).