Marijuana: Let's Grow a Pound

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A Day-by-Day Guide to Growing More than you Can Use.

Designed in a journal entry format, Let’s Grow a Pound is an easy to follow day-by-day guide for growing a bigger, more potent crop in a small space with little financial investment.

SeeMoreBuds has taken all the guesswork out of growing indoors and harvesting more than a pound of marijuana in under three months. Each of the 73 days it takes to get to a satisfying and successful harvest is described and illustrated. The equipment needed, the set up and each stage of growing, care taking, hydrating, feeding and identifying and dealing with potential problems are all here.

Let's Grow a Pound also includes a parallel grow using CO2, which allows for readers to learn how to implement this more advanced technique. Whether you are a complete beginner or a longtime grower who is looking to switch up your grow methods, Let's Grow a Pound is a must-have book!

Author: SeeMoreBuds