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When it comes to incense, there's no brand that produces a better variety of quality products than Wild Berry. If you're looking for incense oil to use in an oil warmer to fill your space with beautiful aromas, this range of Wild Berry Incense Oil has just what you need. 

Wild Berry's pure fragrances are available in 0.5-ounce cobalt blue glass bottles to help protect the oils from UV radiation. Regardless of which incense oils you choose, you'll love the pleasant aromas of Wild Berry oils. Pick your favorite fragrances from the choices below and place your order today. 

Fragrance Profiles

 Champa Flower An exotic floral with notes of rose, sweet herbs and fresh berries. Deeper notes include patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. Our version of the popular classic Nag Champa.
Deep Patchouli A spicy and earthy classic.
Dragon's Blood An exotic earthy fragrance with subtle notes of pine needle, arabian sandalwood, musk and amber. Inspired by the aromatic bright red sap produced by the dracaena draco tree.
Fresh Rain A clean crisp fragrance with notes of bergamot orange, fresh lemon, rose, lavender, sweet herbs and warm musk.
India Moon A warm woodsy scent with notes of soft clove, deep patchouli, vanilla, vetiver and spicy cedar.
Lavender A warm lavender fragrance with delicate notes of lemon, petitgrain, geranium leaf and camphor.
Musk A rich musk fragrance with notes of tea rose and jasmine.
Opium (fragrance) A rich, spicy scent with delicate notes of petitgrain, soft lemon, ylang ylang, carnation petal, cinnamon, patchouli and warm vanilla. Our version of the popular perfume by YSL.
Peace of Mind A serene floral blend with notes of juicy peach, black currant, lilac, spicy hyacinth and warm vanilla bean.
Sandalwood Hints of shaved cedarwood, delicate rose petal and rich amber.
Strawberry Feel like you're in a June strawberry patch.
Sweet Patchouli A Spicy and earthy classic.
Vanilla A warm vanilla fragrance with rich notes of vanilla bean, aged bourbon, and maple sugar.